Mama Jiang Bentong Brown Sugar Ginger Tea




[Mama Jiang] Bentong Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is packed with goodness and plenty of health benefits. Not only it tastes smooth but also full with ginger flavour. For you to have its full benefits, Mama Jiang does not add any preservatives into it at all🙅‍♂️! Our gingers have gone through a thorough process where every ginger fibre is mixed with brown sugar. You’ll never find another brown sugar ginger tea tasting this good! It’s sealed in a vacuum bag, easy to carry around for you to brew it anywhere, anytime ☕👍🏻☺

We used 100% natural authentic Bentong ginger and brown sugar. For quality assurance we make it as soon as we receive the orders🔥.
✅ Suitable for vegetarians
✅ Health, safe and hygienic

👇 Mama Jiang Bentong Brown Sugar Ginger Tea health benefits 👇

▫ Reduce menstrual pain
▫ Relieve cold hands and feet
▫ Relieve bloating and abdominal pain
▫ Enhance body immune system
▫ Improve blood circulation
▫ Prevent colds
▫ Increase digestion efficiency
▫ Relieve insomnia
▫ Refreshing
▫ Regulate bodily functions
▫ Increase appetite
▫ Anti aging properties

✅ A box of 10 cubes
Prepare a cup of warm water, add a cube of Mama Jiang Bentong Brown Sugar Ginger Tea, wait 2 to 3 minutes, stir well, and drink.

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Weight 0.4 kg

1 Box (10pcs), 3 Boxes (30pcs)


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